Arizona Teacher Sentenced For Teacher Sex Abuse

teacher sex abuse

Arizona Teacher Sentenced For Teacher Sex Abuse

teacher sex abuseIt is hard to miss the headlines about the Arizona teacher who was accused of sexually abusing a 6th-grade boy. The story of Brittany Zamora has been in the news plenty lately. She has now reported to the woman’s state prison in Goodyear, Arizona where he is expected to spend the next 20 years behind bars.

What happened in this case?

If you remember, this case began last year when the stepmother of a 13-year-old boy noticed he was acting suspiciously. She installed a monitoring app called “Sentry” on the boy’s phone and quickly began getting alerts about inappropriate texts he was receiving. She confronted him and then discovered that he has sexual contact with his teacher.

The police were called, and Brittany Zamora was arrested soon after. During the course of their investigation, police say they suspect Zamora was grooming the 13-year-old through “special attention, X-rated texts, and naked photos of herself.”

Police say that Zamora allegedly had sex with the boy several times and supposedly had one other student serve as a lookout for her and the boy. They allegedly engaged in sexual contact with the entire class in the room while a video was being shown.

When Zamora realized she was in trouble, she and her husband reached out and asked the family not to contact the police. The boy’s father refused and hung up the phone.

After Zamora is released from prison, she will be on probation for the remainder of her life and will be required to register as a sex offender.

What is a sex crime in Arizona?

There are several sex crimes in the state of Arizona, and they are all taken very seriously. These include:

  • Child Molestation
  • Sexual Conduct with Minor
  • Internet Child Pornography
  • Luring
  • Sex Abuse
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC)
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Sexual Assault
  • Indecent Exposure

Penalties for being found guilty of these crimes are harsh. In many cases, as evidenced in the Brittany Zamora case, the consequences are lifelong. Aside from her two-decade sentence, she will likely never get out from under the requirement for registering as a sex offender. For those required to register as sex offenders, they are required to:

  • Submit an electronic fingerprint
  • List your name and all aliases
  • Account for all online identifiers (email addresses, social media screen names, etc.)
  • Submit a current photograph
  • Submit a blood sample (unless this is already on file due to prison time)

Most of this information is available online for the public to see. The Internet sex offender website maintained by the Arizona Department of Public Safety includes your name, age, address, photo, and a list of your offenses. Depending on a person’s level of risk, the surrounding communities may be notified of a move-in through door-to-door flyers and press releases.

What if I am falsely accused of sexual assault on a minor?

Anyone who is charged with a sex crime against a minor needs to seek legal assistance immediately. Law enforcement and prosecutors will levy all charges possible in these cases, sometimes when they have little evidence. Rightly so, all allegations of sexual abuse of a minor will be investigated. However, false accusations can ruin a person’s reputation. In some cases, false accusations can land a person in prison.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a sex crime, seek assistance from an Arizona criminal defense attorney immediately. Your future is on the line, and it is vital to get help from a qualified and experienced attorney who understands how to defend these cases.

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