Arizona’s War On Meth


methThe war against methamphetamines tops the list in Arizona’s campaign against illegal drugs. In past years, “meth” has been the most commonly abused drug causing death in Arizona and the number of people arrested for meth use, possession, manufacturing, and distribution steadily increases. There is no secret that Arizona has adopted policies intended to discourage the meth drug trade. Just drive a few blocks down Camelback and you will see posters and billboards addressing the legal ramifications and health concerns relating to meth. However, mass publication and media resources are just some of the means Arizona uses to convey the State’s opposition against the dangerous drug.

Essentially, Arizona has declared the meth epidemic “public enemy number one,” and this is reflected by the tough penalties associated with it. Arrests involving meth are frequent and Arizona prosecutes offenses related to it egregiously. If charged, the State will see that you suffer for it. Regardless, you have the right to an experienced lawyer who can defend your rights.


Possession of meth is a Class 4 felony in Arizona. When the amount in possession exceeds nine grams, the charge escalates to a Class 2 felony because it is presumed that you are distributing and selling the drug. Penalties are significantly harsher when you are accused of possessing more than nine grams. You will get a mandatory prison sentence of at least five years without probation or parole. A second offense may give rise to a minimum of ten years in prison. Furthermore, meth convictions require that prison sentences be served as “flat time,” which means that there is no chance of early release based on good behavior or parole.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Lawyer

Although Arizona lawmakers, the prosecution, and the police will see to it that you suffer, an experienced lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected. Under A.R.S §13-3407, meth penalties can be mitigated. Conversely, it can be enhanced. The outcome depends on several factors, such as: prior criminal convictions; how much meth you are accused of possessing; whether you are a first time or repeat offender; or whether the possession is for personal use or distribution.

Ultimately, the prosecution will use every opportunity to use the facts of the case against you. If you have been accused of a crime involving meth, you need to understand the charge and potential penalties, explore your options, and design a defense strategy to protect your legal rights in court. A good defense could possibly mean the difference between facing a short period of probation and a minimum five- year jail sentence. Lawyers at Ariano & Reppucci know how determined the State will be against you and are not afraid to face strong opposition. Call us now for a free consultation with one of our experienced Tucson criminal lawyers.